Our Team

As we are a small, family run business our team is more like a family, and we pride ourselves on offering a friendly workplace which hopefully turns in to good customer service and atmosphere. 


Owner / Admin & events

I absolutely LOVE cake and anything to do with it - baking it, eating it, afternoon tea with it, eating it again...

I love my kids, family is so important to me so spending time with them is my fav thing to do.

I also love stationary, I'm a slight control freak although I'm very messy at home....

I grew up in the midlands, moved here when i was 11. I appreciate the love of culture the midlands gave me but absolutely love Cornwall - it is beautiful.


Owner / Chef

Dan should be the size of a house - he lives on coca-cola and bacon sandwiches.

He has an fifa addiction and I once hid his X-box in the cupboard because he spent too much money on fifa coins.

Loves football, holidays in the sun and roast dinners.

Dan is extremely tidy and does all the washing at home. Apparently I won't do it right or I stuff it in!!

The play team

Leaders of fun

The older 2 are the inspiration behind the journey of Piran's, and they're part of the team. You'll often see them all playing around, or helping themselves to snacks.

Never did we think we would end up a family with 4 kids, but we have been blessed and are winging it day by day.

There is no such thing as perfect parenting, they are loved, fed and happy - anything else is a bonus


Front of house / manager

Jenny is our front of house manager and brings lots of value to the team.

She likes sitting round a campfire, beach trips with her son and having a cuppa with friends - sounds perfect!


Front of house 

Lucy is with us at the weekends.

She is currently studying a level psychology and applied sciences - WOW!



Mike is a new recruit to our team and is our full-time chef alongside Dan.

He has 2 daughters and is absolutely brilliant at baking!