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Klean Kanteen (in focus)

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A positive change one step at a time

Our oceans are filling up with plastic, posing a serious threat to ocean life. We’ve seen it on the news, we’ve seen it on social media and we need to do

something about it. We cannot rely on industry to be responsible, as consumers we need to help support the change against plastic waste.

A few things to consider...

You may have followed Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s War on Waste campaign in 2016. It opened the Nation’s eyes to the 2.5 BILLION disposable coffee cups used every year just in the UK. These are put these in the recycling bin, BUT with all good intention they often can’t be recycled, due to the polyethylene coating added to make the cups waterproof. 

Currently, only 5% of plastic is recycled effectively; 40% ends up in landfill, and a further third ends up in vulnerable ecosystems, including the ocean. More than 8 million tonnes of plastics enter the ocean each year.

Taken from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Report - it claims that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish due to plastics leaking into the ocean.

With that in mind, what can we do?

It’s never too late – if we act together now we can protect the world’s precious oceans for future generations.

The Government have released a 25 year plan to help support this.

Here are a few simple ways to cut back on plastic...

Stop buying plastic bottles (we are looking at alternative drinks to sell)

Avoid plastic straws (we have chnaged to paper)

Invest in a tote bag (there are some super trendy ones out there too, I can give you a nice frugi one - if I have them in stock)

Buy loose fruit, veg etc where you can to avoid unnecessary packaging

Avoid microbeads

Carry a re-usable coffee cup

Refuse plastic cutlery

Get a sanwich wrap

Why Klean Kanteen?

All of Klean Kanteen’s products have been specifically designed to provide a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic and paper products and they are committed to design durable, versatile and affordable products that will not only replace mountains of single-use waste, but that will last a lifetime!

So which one is right for me?

There is something for everyone - whether you want a hot coffee filled from your local coffee vendor, or you want ice-cold water for a trip to the gym or perhaps cups for parties or picnics at the beach!

So brace yourselves, it’s good as there's lots of choice. There are 3 main types of re-usable drink options - a bottle, tumbler or a wide insulated cups.

There are also stainless steel cups & food canisters - but we’ll touch on them at the end - of you get that far!


All bottles come in different colours, sizes (from 12oz to a whopping 64oz - 3 and a half pints!!), insulated or non-insulated, then they also come with interchangeable lids (can be purchased separately) - you can practically have them customary designed for you.

We all know drinking water is good for you, and these bottles from personal experience really do help me drink more. As with the entire Klean Kanteen range the classic bottles are made from 100% food safe stainless steel, so they don't hold flavour. Dan found this out when the apprentice added chilli powder inside his drinks bottle - one clean and you’d never know. They are slimline and surprisingly lightweight.

The 18oz is a popular size for a children’s drinks bottle for school, and a 27oz is a ideal size for an adult to keep up with fluid intake. Don’t forget there is an insulated option too - the highly effective double-vacuum wall keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, ideal for days at the beach or picnics.

There are also some fab vinyl stickers you can get online (I can send the link) where you can have your name, icons, characters put on - the kids will love them even more!

Dan and I have the insulated one’s - they are perfect for us as they keep our squash cold and us hydrated during work.

Kids ones are £14.95 (12oz) and the 27oz £18.95 - insulated are priced higher.


Okay so this one most similar to a takeaway cup, but will keep your hot drink hot for up to 6 hours, in the largest size, 20oz (or a cold drink cold for 24!).

It’s worth bearing in mind this one is not leakproof, but is perhaps ideal for around the house or at the office. You can use the pint and tumbler lid with all the insulated tumblers, which has a straw hole to pop your stainless straw in.

Insulated 16oz £21.95

Wide Vacuum Insulated Café Cup

So, before we run through, we need to take a second to admire the colours of these cafe cups - they're even nicer in real life!

This 100% leakproof option can keep your hot drink hot for up to a staggering 14 hours (in the largest size, 20oz option), and cold drinks chilled for up to 40

hours. The come in 12oz, 16oz and 20oz and in loads of lovely colours. As a guide, 12oz is a standard cup of coffee - so if you wanted more to last the day or tea galore as us Brits love then size up.

If you take this to coffee shops, they can fill them for you (we can do this for you, with a discount too!)

Insulated 12oz £25.95


Don’t forget there’s also standard stainless steel cups - a nice alternative to plastic for little hands or glass for accident prone droppers. We ALL know a dropper. You can use the pint and tumbler lid for the stainless steel cups in the larger sizes (16oz and 20oz).

There’s also a straw hole, for your stainless steel straw.

4 pack 16oz £34.95

Food canisters

Come in 2 sizes, and insulated and non-insulated. Perfect for eating on the go. Leakproof.

I plan to order a insulated one for fruit salad in the summer, no one likes warm fruit unless it’s in a crumble!

8oz canister £18.95


I do hope this has been useful for you. They may seem expensive, however they are a good investment - not only for your family but for our environment. The products are so good and sturdy, they come with a life-time guarantee!

Some links if you wish to read further.


Soft play (in focus)

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Soft play centres can get a bad rep (and some quite rightly so) but not all of them are hell on earth.

Soft play came over from America, to offer an alternative to outdoor

playgrounds, since then it has become very popular especially here with our unpredictable British weather.

Play IS the way forward for children, and should be encouraged at every opportunity. This is how children learn, and it starts from a young age.

Below are a few examples of how soft play is actually really good for your child and their development.


The Government recommends at least 60 minutes of exercise for children a day.

Soft play is a great way to use those 60 minutes as they don't feel like exercise - just fun!

Also children who exercise sleep better - you cant argue with more sleep.


Feeling secure in a child friendly setting will engage a child’s mind and bring them confidence.

Open ended play space ignites curiosity.


Encouraging positive relationships, and interaction with peers is a key stepping stone for future life skills.

Watching your child develop amongst other children and in a play centre, is fascinating as they gain their own individuality and character.

It’s not just the kids that can benefit.

Getting out of the house, can be a daily struggle whether you have one child or you have 5, it’s eye watering, and should be up for an olympic sport.

Parenting is an emotional rollercoaster that no-one or any parenting books ever prepare you for. It certainly has its highs and lows, and whilst on that twisty parenting rollercoaster your hormones are on the up-down one over the way.

Here are some reasons, soft play can benefit adults too:

- Getting out of the house

- Adult company/conversation

- Exercise

- Home cooked meal

A bit about me...

I have 4 children, including twins so I understand the importance of providing a safe, child AND parent friendly environment.

Running your own business is hard work, sometimes we are working 7 days a week and rarely get a weekend or school holiday off - especially whilst juggling a young family. Some days can be challenging and it leaves you feeling deflated however most of the time is is brilliant and these are the things that keep me going...

- Children - listening to laughter and them playing is so rewarding.

- Customers - we have some amazing families that we’ve come to know more like friends. It really can feel like a community in here.

- Grandparents - we have lots of doting grandparents that come with their grandchildren, watching their relationships is heart-warming. The bond is unique and really special.

Behind the scenes...

‘Wash the balls and clean the danglies' is genuinely one of our jobs on our cleaning list. Cleaning the soft play is a mammoth task and can become quite addictive.

Practical jokes happen a lot here - from whole tubs of flour on the head, to frozen sunglasses, chilli sauce in the drinks - you always need to keep an eye on whats going to happen next....

I absolutely love what I do, and the people I get to do and more importantly I am passionate about encouraging children to play.

But please remember to support your local businesses, it’s tough to keep afloat in these economic climates. We’re a small family run business and really appreciate our customers.